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Copy Priv1.EDB to New server

Copy Priv1.EDB To New Server For Extra Benefits To Your Business

My name is Ian Chappell, owns a large organization in Australia. I very well know that effective communication system can only be there when Exchange server along with Outlook is present in organization. Following the same track, my company owns Microsoft® Outlook emailing platform along with Exchange server. Exchange mailbox database file popular as Priv1.edb file consisted of essential data. This data is very important for employees working here since many years. Once I come across a need where I need to Repair Priv1.edb to new Exchange server after severe corruption happened in Exchange. I am unable to access mail messages, text attachments, headers etc due to loss of Priv1.edb file. We tried several times to mount database but to no use because it became difficult to get on with useful results.

Repetitive Error Caused Issue…

 When I tried to access EDB files, I found an Exchange error 550. After this error, it became really tough to send mails to specific domain. I keep on receiving Server error: ‘550 5.7.1 Unable to relay’ message when I try sending mails too the addresses which are outside the domain of my organization.

Software brought problem on track…

 I lastly call one of my acquaintances because I recall that the other day he was discussing something about EDB file damage same. He suggested me not to waste time and use Exchange EDB Repair software. He told me that it is an online solution which easily recovers and repairs all the damaged data stored in Priv1.EDB file. This application can effectively repairs and recovers corrupted mail messages, tasks, journals, to do list, and other mailbox items. I have been able to copy EDB to new server very conveniently.

Salute to Support Team for Assistance

 One thing that I like about your company is that, when I contacted support executives and discussed error issue with them, they explained the entire error cause deeply. They said that ‘mail relay takes place when you try to connect to mail server on one domain and try sending mail messages using another server on external domain, this kind of error message mostly appears. Another cause for error 550 is that there is no recipient policy for the expected domain in the company. In order to be far away from this error message if user copy Priv1.EDB to new server, problem can be quickly resolved.’